What Makes These Blends From The Standard So Rare And Important?

To create each rare blend, The Standard isolated individual cannabinoids from a organic hemp plants and used them to reformulate the all natural THC compounds into better, more potent and longer lasting versions of the same great THC flower you already love. What makes these blends so rare are the countless hours of highly detailed scientific work that goes into processing each plant to achieve the desired result. Other brands won’t invest the time and resources needed to provide these blends for you, but as part of our mission to set a new standard for cannabis enjoyment, we are proud to be able to offer each to you as part of a universal 1G cartridge that will fit your vaporizer and your enhance your lifestyle right now.

  • Maui Wowie Delta-8 THC Cartridge - Left Maui Wowie Delta-8 THC Cartridge - Front

    The Standard by BlackMarket

    Maui Wowie Delta-8 THC Cartridge



    Maui Wowie, also known as Maui Waui and Mowie Wowie, is a classic Sativa cannabis strain made from a cross of Hawaiian and another strain that remains unknown. Maui Wowie has blessed us with its sweet pineapple flavors and high-energy euphoria.

  • Jack Herer Live Resin HHC Cartridge - Left Jack Herer Live Resin HHC Cartridge - Front

    The Standard by BlackMarket

    Jack Herer Live Resin HHC Cartridge



    Jack Herer is a combination of a Haze Hybrid - Northern Lights #5 and aShiva Skunk cross - hoping to catch both cerebral elevation and heavy resin production. Its flavor is reported to be a composite of citrus, pine, wood, and spice.

  • Garlic Breath Delta-8 THC Cartridge - Left Garlic Breath Delta-8 THC Cartridge - Front

    The Standard by BlackMarket

    Garlic Breath Delta-8 THC Cartridge



    Garlic Breath is an indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain made by crossing GMO with Mendo Breath. This strain features a pungent and savory flavor profile that may remind you of freshly-peeled garlic with spicy undertones. Garlic Breath...

We focused on these important cannabinoids in The Standard Rare Blends:

  • THC-P
    Tetrahydrocannabiphorol, is a rare and newly discovered cannabinoid that is structurally similar to THC, with some studies showing it may be as much as thirty times more potent.
  • HHC-P
    Hexahydrocannabiphorol, a cannabinoid, is a far more potent variant of THC that has provided an uplifting, euphoric, and relaxing experience for many clients.
  • THC-V
    Tetrahydrocannabivarin, is a recessive cannabinoid found in some strains of cannabis that provides a more clear-headed and energizing effect.
  • PHC
    Hydrox4PHC offers antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits along with a much longer lasting effect than most other forms of THC.
  • MeOTHC
    Methoxytetrahydrocannabinol is a synthetic analog of THC structurally similar to THC, but with an additional methoxy group attached to the molecule that provides a longer lasting more durable high with greater intensity than ordinary THC.

How Does The Standard Rare Blend Enhance Natural Flowers?

Put simply, the rare cannabinoids that you find in The Standard Rare Blends will each give you the familiar feeling of relief that you already associate with your favorite flower, while blending it together with the kind of rare cannabinoid effects that you always wished were included in the organic strain itself. We aren’t replacing what happens in nature, we are just improving upon it for your benefit and enjoyment.

The Standard Offers The Best Rare Blend 1G Universal Cartridges

Once you choose the Rare Blend that’s right for you, keep in mind you can get yours right now in a state of the art one-gram universal cartridge that will work flawlessly with all of the popular vaporizers available today. Every rare blend cartridge from The Standard features a ceramic tip with a rounded ceramic mouthpiece carefully designed to facilitate maximum airflow, ceramic coil technology, a medical grade borosilicate glass tank, along with XL intake holes to allow for high viscosity concentrates and rare blends.

The Standard 1G Universal Cartridge Features

  • 1G Cartridges for Your Vaporizer
  • Fits All Universal Vaporizers
  • Ceramic tip with rounded ceramic mouthpiece
  • Ceramic Coil Technology
  • Medical grade Borosilicate glass tank
  • Mouthpiece carefully designed to facilitate maximum airflow
  • XL intake holes to allow for high viscosity concentrates and blends