The Wildest Places People Have Enjoyed The Standard Delta 8

Posted by The Standard by BlackMarket on Sep 8th 2021

The Wildest Places People Have Enjoyed The Standard Delta 8

Whether you’re hiking mountains or club hopping, Delta-8 THC can go with you anywhere.

We have so many happy and excited customers all over the country that have enjoyed The Standard in some of the most wild and exciting places they can find, and they couldn’t wait to share the details.

As Delta-8 THC has become increasingly popular as legal regulations open up, even scientists and official parties have begun to “experiment”.

In September of last year, a group of reporters in Dallas, Texas tried out Delta-8 for the first time so they could report the effects to their avid readers.

In the end, they were left feeling “high, happy, and hungry”.

So after a bunch of reporters sat around, smoking their Delta-8 for scientific purposes, they found that, provided enough cheese puffs and gummy bears, the experience was awesome!

Hemp-derived THC isn’t just being used by the curious.

Many people who enjoy the effects of marijuana have found pleasure in taking their vape pens from The Standard to the great outdoors.

One user reported that, while hiking a scenic mountain trail, they experienced colors, sensations, and feelings they didn’t know existed.

With a little help from our Sunset Gelato, this user could feel the beauty of nature resonating in them and felt calmer and more at ease during their hike.

They found the mist of the local waterfall caressed their skin in sensual ways and the colors and sounds of the birds gave them a deeper understanding of the earth.

How relaxing would that be?

While we don’t necessarily condone smoking THC during the workday, one user reports that The Standard may be indirectly responsible for their upcoming promotion.

After a morning smoke break, before a big meeting pitch, this marketing employee enjoyed a bit of our Pineapple Diesel Hemp Extract before heading inside to try to convince some partners to change direction.

This blue-collar employee was hit with a wave of calm and serenity, while the creative juices flowed through them like never before.

They were able to pitch a few new marketing ideas that may lay the groundwork for future methods in making sales.

Without giving away any of the juicy details, we can’t wait to see where their new techniques take us!

Our last brag-worthy success story comes from a Maui Wowie Hemp Extract user.

They are a cancer survivor who has never been allowed to enjoy the benefits of medical marijuana, however they have recently been legally allowed to partake in Delta-8 THC after some recent legislation changes.

This user has struggled with depleted energy and chronic pain due to their cancer, but they reported that, after doing their research and deciding on The Standard for their first try with THC, they have enough energy to get back into spin class without feeling the same levels of pain as before.

They can successfully walk around without aching, and the difference has improved relationships with loved ones.

This may sound like something that is a daily norm for most, however for chronic conditions, something that lessens the pain in a non-addictive way can change their life.

We here at The Standard love your success stories and we can’t wait to be in your pocket for your next adventure!

Happy vaping, friends!