How The Standard Sets A New Standard for Delta 8 Enthusiasts

Posted by The Standard by BlackMarket on Dec 11th 2021

How The Standard Sets A New Standard for Delta 8 Enthusiasts

This year, The Standard decided to make a stand and set the bar a little bit higher – no pun intended.

We can make this claim all day, and you either believe us, or you need proof.

This month, we will give you that proof and explain why The Standard provides better quality Delta-8 THC and what it means to be better.

First, let’s talk about what Delta-8 even is for those who need clarification.

Delta-8 is THC that is derived from hemp, rather than from marijuana.

CBD is extracted from the hemp in one of three ways: solventless solution, oil extraction, or isomerization process.

  • Solventless extraction uses specialized tools to extract the CDB.
  • Oil extraction uses an oil base to gently heat the hemp and remove the cannabinoid material, then the CBD is refined to produce Delta-8.
  • Isomerization process uses a specialized acid to dissolve the CBD into Delta-9, then sits for 72 hours and is refined into Delta-8.

Isomerization and oil extraction are the most common ways to create Delta-8, currently. Since Delta-8 comes from hemp, not marijuana, it is able to be used and sold in many markets where marijuana is illegal, and it still provides a strong portion of the high that marijuana provides.

Marijuana and Delta-8 both come from cannabis plants, but not all cannabis is marijuana.

Now that you know the basics, why are we better?

The moment we heard that Delta-8 would be a possibility, we been researching.

We tested every product on the market that we could find and decided that we could do it better.

The Standard spent years conducting scientific and consumer research perfecting the process to get the exact composition of each plant and strain, so we get the exact effects we were looking for every time.

We found the highest quality live resin oil and terpenes based on laboratory tests, and then found the best devices available on the market to work with.

As opposed to others, we don’t use fillers to make the smoke thinner or thicker, we don’t add artificial flavors, and we definitely won’t water down our oils to make them cheaper or more cost-efficient to produce.

We wouldn’t want to buy that stuff, and we don’t expect you to, either!

Simply put, we offer the best because the best is what we would expect for ourselves, and we want to share the best with our customers.

If you want or need to see the numbers, check out our lab results for yourself.

No matter what strain you prefer, what affects you crave, or where you decide to go, we will hold ourselves to the absolute highest standard, and we hope you’ll expect the same!