Cannabis Tourism on the rise

Posted by The Standard by BlackMarket on Jun 22nd 2022

Cannabis Tourism on the rise

As more states open marijuana laws and open a new type of industry for their citizens, a $17 billion industry has been born that is increasing sales beyond the originally projected numbers. Cannabis tourism, also known as marijuana tourism, is widely popular among smokers, vapers, and dabblers in all things cannabis. People interested in marijuana, whether they are veteran users or novices, travel from places where legalization hasn’t happened yet to places where they can visit a dispensary and try anything they want.

Tourism destinations vary from one location to the next, just like regular vacation destinations. Options can include things like 2- to 3-hour tours of local highlights, including top rated dispensaries or hotspots, to multi-day tours with walks through active cannabis fields and new techniques to try for everything from rolling to toking to recipes for edibles.

Some cannabis tourism experiences include interactive cooking demonstrations with edibles to try when you finish. Attendees can either watch or participate with the process of cooking down cannabis and marijuana into delicious treats, and how to make your products taste as mind-blowing as ever.

When considering marijuana tourism, you should search for cannabis friendly accommodations with various apps. Many apps are already being created specifically for cannabis users who are looking for weed-friendly locations. All you have to do is look for “420 friendly” spots to know that you can partake in marijuana products in these locations.

Also keep in mind that you should check local laws for things like recreational use or where you can partake in public areas vs. only private venues, as well as states where marijuana is legal for only residents or open to everyone. Some states have cannabis open to travelers and out-of-state persons, while some require a valid local ID in order to make any purchases at all. Know what the local laws are before you travel somewhere so you don’t get somewhere new and find that you can’t even buy a bud.

As cannabis tourism becomes more common and widely discovered, many people all over the country are deciding to take advantage of their vacation time and enjoy themselves. Recent studies show that at least 29% of leisure travelers are interested in cannabis tourism, and many of them are planning to try it out in the next year. This can include anything from a trip to the mountains of Colorado or halfway around the world to Amsterdam to try some European flavors and strains.

Although cannabis tourism has been happening in other areas of the world for decades, now, Americans are now able to stay on home soil to experience their next high vacation. The flight times are cut in half and they don’t even need a passport, making cannabis tourism in the US grow rapidly in popularity among adults of all ages.